Functional Rehabilitation

Functional Rehabilitation

Functional rehabilitation is an active intervention that is aimed at improving a client’s ability to perform their pre-injury activities. Our approach is to break down the activities into basic components and then gradually build up. We combine this with personalised education about pain physiology in a biopsychosocial approach. For example if the client is an Electrician, their rehabilitation could include climbing ladders, reaching, lifting and carrying. As their ability improves we will gradually increase the weight and repetitions until they have sufficient confidence (pain self efficacy) to perform the task. We believe that the specificity of rehabilitation will enhance the recovery process.

Our experienced Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists work one to one with people with injuries/medical conditions by:

  • Providing education on managing injuries and persistent pain.
  • Working in a biopsychosocial framework.
  • Using the best up to date evidence for the management of injuries and pain
  • Practicing meaningful tasks
  • Encouraging resumption of usual activities


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