Pain Education and Support

Pain Education and Support

Pain Management Education and Support 

Having an injury or persistent pain is often very distressing and can cause significant anxiety and stress.  This may be pertaining to your ability to return to work, perform your usual activities at home with your family and children, engage in recreational activities or social events with friends.                                              

You may experience many strong emotions about the impact of the injury on your life, and the changes that have occurred. It is not uncommon for feelings of hopelessness and sadness to develop (reactive depression). Sleep disturbance may also be associated with your injury, which only complicates your ability to cope.

Research indicates that these psychological factors can contribute significantly to people making a meaningful recovery from injury.  Pain Management Support will assist you to understand the emotional contributors to your pain and how they are impacting on your recovery. You will learn strategies to assist in reducing levels of distress that will be contributing to your persistent pain and obtain support to adjust to the changes that result.

Strategies may include: Pain Education (how your nervous system is involved in your injury), Mindfulness Skills, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Assertiveness and Communication Skills Training.

What to expect:

You may be referred to attend an assessment with Kerrianne Abbott (Psychologist).  This assessment will assist to determine whether ongoing one on one sessions are warranted. These sessions will provide you with support, help you to address your individual concerns, and provide you with specific strategies to cope more effectively.  You may also attend a small group pain education session where the broader impacts of pain are discussed. Furthermore, you may also have joint sessions with Kerrianne Abbott and Active Recovery staff (and any other relevant treatment providers) to provide integrated assistance with your return back into work.

Not everyone who attends Active Recovery will be a candidate for Pain Management Support.


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