Pre-employment screening (PES) & Manual Handling

Pre-employment screening (PES) & Manual Handling

At Active Recovery we have incorporated our clinical skills with our experience gained in performing functional capacity evaluations into conducting physical pre-employment screenings for a range of employer groups.

We can:

Design pre-employment screens for specific requirements of your Occupation or workplace.  Our philosophy is that a pre-employment screen should reflect the actual duties rather than generic measures.  (E.g. lifting and carrying, rather than push-ups or sit-ups) 


  1.  Identification of functionally limiting impairments
  2. Identification of risk factors (e.g. reduced cardiovascular fitness or general conditioning.)
  3. Assessment of capacity
  4. Assessment of safe work practices and manual handling.


Provide screening based on existing Employer or Recruitment Company Proformas

Manual Handling

Active recovery staff can deliver meaningful manual handling training specific to the requirements of your organisation.  This means that your employees will learn specific tools and strategies to solve the unique challenges of their roles.  We recommend that the training take place at your worksite to ensure the training is applicable.  We can deliver it in either of our practices if required. 

Our Manual Handling program may include:-

  • Risk analysis
  • Lifting techniques (floor to waist, carrying, pushing, pulling squatting, ladders, confined spaces)
  • Workplace layout and planning
  • Anatomy and causes of common injuries
  • Education and advice on injury management
  • Education regarding the benefits of an early return to work when injured
  • Problem solving manual handling in your issues

Active Recovery has provided manual handling for the ACT Ambulance Service, ACT Fire Brigade, Air Conditioner Trades, the Murray River Catchment Authority, Licensed Clubs; Guide Dogs and Nursing and Personal Care Industries.


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