Cancellation Policy

This cancellation policy applies to the scheduling of appointments by Active Recovery.

At Active Recovery, we understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, causing the need to cancel or reschedule appointments. To ensure efficient scheduling and fair treatment to both our patients and our practitioners, we have implemented a three-stage cancellation policy: Standard Cancellation, Moderate Cancellation, and Late Cancellation. Please read the following policy details:  

1. Standard Cancellation: Patients are eligible for a standard cancellation without incurring any charges if the cancellation request is made at least 8 hours before the scheduled appointment time. We appreciate your cooperation in providing sufficient notice to accommodate other patients.  

2. Moderate Cancellation: For cancellation requests made between 4 to 8 hours before the scheduled appointment time, a cancellation fee will be applicable. Patients will be charged 50% of the appointment. We kindly request that you consider this policy and make every effort to reschedule or cancel your appointment within the standard cancellation period.  

3. Late Cancellation: Cancellations made within 0 to 4 hours before the scheduled appointment time will be considered late cancellations. In such cases, the full amount of the appointment fee will be charged to the patient. We understand that emergencies can occur, but late cancellations greatly impact our clinic’s ability to accommodate other patients in need of timely care.  

Rescheduling Policy:  

Please reschedule within the standard cancellation period (at least 8 hours before the appointment) to accommodate others. Rescheduling within the moderate cancellation period (4 to 8 hours before the appointment) incurs a 50% fee, credited to your rescheduled appointment. Late rescheduling (within 4 hours) may not be possible and could result in the full fee being charged.  

Medical Certificate Exception:  

In the event of a cancellation due to medical reasons, we understand the need for flexibility. If you provide us with a valid medical certificate or documentation supporting your inability to attend the appointment, the cancellation fee can be voided. Please ensure that your medical certificate is provided to our clinic within a reasonable time frame after the cancellation.  

We highly request adhering to this cancellation policy as well as our SMS notifications to help us maintain an efficient and effective appointment schedule, allowing us to serve all of our patients promptly. Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions about this Cancellation Policy, please contact our Practice Manager.
Effective date: 10 July 2023