What you can expect?

Our contemporary physiotherapy practice is focused on exploring with you, what is possible after injury, illness or with a disability.


We help you to understand your body

and the way that it works to look after you

We will help you to build skills, the knowledge and confidence, to overcome obstacles. We will provide you with a plan and a pathway to re-engage in the important activities in your life.

Whether you are recently injured or need ongoing management of a condition, our multidisciplinary team are here to navigate the obstacles together.

An injury or persistent pain can affect all areas of your life including sleep and emotional wellbeing. Stress and anxiety can impact on your recovery. So, where it’s the right fit, our Consultant Psychologist will be part of your team.


Your first visit

We use a biopsychosocial framework, which is a technical way of saying that we look at you as a whole person, not just your condition or injury.

• We will take time to listen to you and examine you, to understand what is happening.
• We will answer any questions and give you information about the recovery process.
• You will receive a plan and some initial treatment or things that you can do at home to help progress your recovery.

Your goals

We will help you to build skills, the knowledge and confidence, to overcome obstacles. We will provide you with a plan and a pathway to reengage in the important activities in your life.

• Helping a parent to find the strength and confidence to lift their child
• A recreational tennis player to get back onto the court.
• An electrician to climb ladders.
• To help someone who is fearful of falling over regain their confidence so that they can continue to live independently.
• Helping NDIS participants to meet their individual goals associate with physical wellbeing and mobility.

Your plan

Everyone is different, so your comprehensive action plan could involve a range of interventions.

Your team

With you as the centre of the team, we collaborate openly with your network. This can include your doctor, workplace, other treatment providers, insurer, case manager, rehabilitation provider or your carers and family, wherever appropriate.

Your admin

We know the medical and workers compensation systems can be overwhelming. We’re here to help you take control and navigate the approval processes.

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