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We are constantly seeking exceptional allied health professionals to become part of the Active Recovery team. Our commitment is to deliver top-notch care and outstanding customer service. If this resonates with your values and expertise, we eagerly await your contact.

Current Opportunities

Full-time Physiotherapist

We are pleased to present an exceptional career opportunity for a highly skilled and passionate Full-time Physiotherapist to become a valued member of our dynamic team. If you possess unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional patient care and flourish within a collaborative and supportive work environment, we invite you to consider this role.  

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Part-time Physiotherapist

We are delighted to present an enticing career prospect for an adept and enthusiastic Part-time Physiotherapist to become an integral part of our dynamic team. If you are committed to delivering exceptional patient care and excel within a collaborative and supportive work environment, all while seeking schedule flexibility, then this role is tailored to your preferences.  

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Working at Active Recovery

At Active Recovery, we hold in high regard those who exhibit a profound dedication to their craft, coupled with a steadfast commitment to continuous personal and professional advancement. As a distinguished physiotherapy clinic in Canberra, we prioritise the work-life balance of our staff, ensuring they are not overwhelmed with an excessively demanding patient schedule. This unwavering commitment enables us to effectively address the multifaceted requirements of our business while fostering the ongoing growth and development of our personnel across a spectrum of services

The Experience of Working at Active Recovery

At Active Recovery, our greatest asset is our people, and we are dedicated to actively supporting our staff through a range of employee benefits and professional development opportunities. Here’s what we offer:

  • A vibrant culture of growth, collaboration, and professional fulfillment, empowering you to excel in your career
  • Competitive salary tailored to their experience with annual reviews
  • Clinical staff are allocated professional development reimbursements
  • Complimentary Anytime Fitness gym membership, ensuring staying fit and energised
  • Monthly social events for staff, and their family & friends

Our values guide our commitment

At Active Recovery, we listen to each personal story about their injury, illness or accident. We will work with them to provide the knowledge, skills and care to discover what’s possible for them.

  • We care, we listen and we empower: Our patients are at the heart of every consultation. We care about them and what is important to them. We will listen to their story and help them along the way.
  • Have courage: We know that having an injury, illness or disability is hard. We will stand beside and guide our patients towards their goals.
  • Stay true: Navigating health systems can be tricky. There is a lot of information, it can be different and it seems to be constantly changing. We commit to provide our patients with the most up to date information about their condition and give them the best treatment available.
  • Be part of the solution: As health professionals we recognise that it is important to look for ways for our patients life to be better. We will work with them to help find opportunities and hope for their future.
  • As a team: We know that people need support when going through a tough period. We will be part of their team and will work with others to help them to achieve their goals.

Considering joining Active Recovery?

Considering joining Active Recovery? Discover both full-time and part-time openings. We continuously seek out individuals with exceptional talents.

Full-time & Part-time Opportunities

Our Active Recovery team consists of Full-time & Part-time Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists, Allied Health Assistants and Administrators. We are always on the search for talented health professionals and we are always available for a friendly chat. If you think you’d be a good fit for Active Recovery, email us your resume and introduce yourself.

Student Opportunities

Active Recovery collaborates with the University of Canberra to offer year-round student placements, delivering enriching learning experiences alongside our qualified and seasoned professionals. Students have the chance to gain diverse and distinctive experiences by working at our clinic. We also run student workshops every couple of months to help students gain that practical workplace knowledge. If you wish to express your interest in a Student Placement, the Graduate Program, or would like to attend one of our future student workshops, please email us and let us know what you are interested in.

Other Opportunities

Active Recovery clinic is located within Stellar Canberra. Stellar building accommodates various allied health professionals to provide a one-stop shop for your health and wellbeing. Health professionals can rent a space within the building as well as our spacious clinic. Stellar Canberra building offers services such as coffee shop, heated pool, various group classes operated by Canberra Southern Cross Club, 24/7 Anytime Fitness gym, Women’s gym, Nutritionist and more. If you are interested in becoming part of the Active Recovery at Stellar Canberra, please email us your details. 

Looking for a new career?

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